Culinary Arts

Do you like to cook? Are you a food enthusiast who loves to eat and experience new foods? If you find your mouth watering or hear your stomach rumbling, then perhaps you should consider joining the Culinary Arts program at the ALC where students are given the opportunity to become great chefs through real world, hands on experiences with food preparation! The Culinary Arts program is a two year curriculum where students develop basic skills and knowledge of institutional cooking within a classroom and laboratory setting. Students will learn an assortment of cooking techniques and will be asked to demonstrate their understanding through menu selection and preparation for local fundraisers or events held within the community.

As a first year culinary student, sophomore and junior “Sous Chefs” will cover the fundamental principles of Culinary I through basic cooking methods and food preparation, safety and sanitation, food storage, units of measurements, and knife skills. Students who have completed their first year of Culinary I and have exhibited professionalism within both the classroom and laboratory settings are then encouraged to enroll in Culinary Arts II. During this course, second year chefs will utilize the foundations of Culinary I as basic building blocks for advancing and fine-tuning their scope of knowledge and skills. Chefs will be challenged to master the art of cooking through various fundraisers, competitions and community events.