"Discere Aude" 

Dare To Learn

Qualifications for Student of the Month


Student comes prepared for class.

Student works to their full potential with a willingness to learn.

Student exhibits punctuality with attendance/assign- ments.

Student shows respect towards peers and teachers/staff.

Student shows intention for a growth mindset.


Student exhibits excellent character and behavior in general.

Student takes part in classroom and campus activities.

Student demonstrates in the upkeep of our campus.

Student shows consideration for others.

Student follows classroom/school rules.

Personal Development

Student engages in extra-curricular activities.

Student volunteers/works in the school or community.

Student takes pride in all aspects of themselves such as in work ethic, appearance, performance.

Student shows an eagerness to lead and/or follow respectfully.

Student exemplify themselves as a positive role model.

Staff Member of the Month

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Our student-centered education includes relevant, enhanced education preparing students for college, careers, and the global community of lifelong learners. 


The Monroe County Advanced Learning Center (ALC) provides a safe environment while academically challenging the whole student to be successful and contribute to society. 


The ALC strives to instill the qualities of character, excellence, creativity, and service into our students as they become prepared global leaders. 


The ALC believes students will become productive citizens when they are challenged and mentored in academics, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills

Monroe County School District is a county school system that encompasses six site locations across one of the largest counties in North Mississippi.  The Advanced Learning Center is centrally located serving each of the K-12 Attendance Centers. The ALC, as it is called by the faculty and students, is a cost effective method to enhance education by offering Advanced Placement, Dual Credit, Spanish, Art, and two vocational courses (Culinary Arts and Law and Public Safety). Aberdeen and Nettleton School District students are also served classes through a partnership the districts have designed. We are excited to serve Monroe County and are dedicated in supporting and growing the whole student.